The laboratory realizes the units of time (s) and frequency (Hz) through quantum phenomena using three primary standard Cesium clocks. The laboratory maintains and disseminates the national time scale, UTC (UAE). The laboratory aligns the national time scale to the international time scale, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), through regular time comparisons with a global network of national time standard laboratories, using the Global Positioning System (GPS).


Time and frequency calibrations are offered as follows:

Measured Instrument


Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC)

Local frequency standard

1 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz

2.1 x 10-11

General frequency source

1 MHz to 350 MHz

3.0 x 10-11

Frequency counters

1 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz

10 Hz to 350 MHz

1.4 x 10-12

2.5 x 10-9

Stopwatches, Clocks and Timers

20 minutes to 100 hours

0.48 s

Reference standard resistors and resistance bridges are used to scale the resistances from 100 µΩ to 10 GΩ. Calibrations of standard resistors are offered as follows:



100 µΩ... 10 mΩ

14 to 6.0 ppm

100 mΩ...10 kΩ

0.43 to 0.57 ppm

100 kΩ... 1 MΩ

1.9 to 4.0 ppm

10 MΩ... 100 MΩ

12 to 19 ppm

1 GΩ... 10 GΩ

60 to 200 ppm


Calibrations of DC Resistance Bridge are offered as follows:



0.1:1 to 10:1

0.08 ppm


Calibrations of Range Extenders are offered as follows:



0.1:1 to 1000:1

2.9 to 10 ppm


DC voltage calibration is based on the value of a group of calibrated 10 V precision Zener references, with allowance being made for the drift of the references in the group. Calibrations at other voltages are achieved using voltage dividers in the range from 1 mV to 1 kV.

Calibrations of Zener reference standards are offered as follows:



10 V nominal

0.73 ppm

1 V to 1.018 V nominal

2.6 ppm


The laboratory is capable of calibrating current supply in the range 10 μA to 150 A using standard resistors and a digital multi-meter (DMM). Calibrations of current sources are offered as follows:



10 μA to 150 A

9 to 20 ppm


Reference standard capacitance and inductance with RLC bridges are used to calibrate standard capacitance and inductance as following:



10 μH to 1 H

100 ppm

10 pF to 1 nF

20 ppm


The laboratory can also calibrate digital multi-meters, process calibrators, multifunction calibrators, oscilloscopes, tachometers, temperature indicators by simulation and leakage current testers.


The electrical power measurement system is designed to calibrate reference wattmeters. It provides traceability of power to the primary standards of electrical quantities.


Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC)

1 V to 500 V
0.125 A to 120 A
40 Hz to 1 kHz

Active Power

25 μW/VA

Reactive Power

25 μvar/VA


The meter bench is designed to calibrate portable wattmeters and three-phase electricity meters of class 0.1 and above.



30 V to 490 V
4 mA to 120 A
45 Hz to 65 Hz

Active Energy


Reactive Energy




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