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 Mass, Volume & Flow Laboratory


The unit of Mass is realized through an ensemble of three stainless steel primary 1 kg mass standards. Traceability to the international prototype kilogram (IPK) is provided through the German and Austrian national mass standards. The traceability of sub-multiples and multiples of the kilogram in the range 1 mg – 500 kg is ensured through calibration by implementing appropriate weighing designs. Calibrations of mass standards in terms of conventional and true mass and of electronic balances (NAWI’s) values are offered as follows:

Artifact/Instrument Range CMC

Mass Standars
1 mg…500g 5...1000ppm
1 g...50g 0.2...3ppm
100 g…10 kg 0.16 ppm
20 kg...500kg 0.5...1.6 ppm
100 kg...500 kg 14...34ppm
NAW1’s 200 mg..5 kg 0.8...50 ppm
10 kg...170 kg 5...2.5ppm

Liquid Flow
Liquid Flow is realized through a primary volumetric standard (piston prover), which covers the range from 0.4 to 1,400 lpm or through the master meter method up to 2,000 lpm. The calibration liquid used is tap water or water + 2% propylene glycol mixture. Traceability is to the US national standards (NIST). Calibrations of liquid flow meters (turbine, Coriolis, e-mag, etc..) with sizes between 3/8”…2” (AN-6…AN-32) are carried out at ambient conditions as follows:​

Volume flow in the ranges 24…84,000 l/h and 36…114,000 l/h with relative expanded uncertainties 0.12% and 0.20%, respectively Mass flow rate can be determined through measurement of the density of the liquid used covering the range 25 to 85,000 kg/h with relative expanded uncertainty 0.15%

Gas Flow 
Gas Flow is realized through primary volumetric reference devices of the piston and bell prover type operating with clean, dry air at ambient conditions. Measurement traceability is to the US national standards (NIST). Calibrations of gas flow or volume meters (turbine, variable area, etc..) with sizes between 1/4”…1” (AN-4…AN-16) are carried out in the measuring ranges: 5…50,000 sccm and 14…1,400 lpm with relative uncertainties (k=2) 0.20% and 0.22% respectively

Piston Operated Volumetric Instruments, Volumetric Glassware and Metallic Prover Vessels are calibrated by employing gravimetric and volumetric methods. Measurement traceability is ensured through the UAE national standards of mass, density and temperature (EMI). Volume calibrations are offered as follows: ​

  • Micro-pipettes, burettes, dispensers 10 μl…10 ml with uncertainty (k=2) 0.25…15 μl
  • Flasks, cylinders, pipettes, burettes 10 ml…2000 ml with uncertainty (k=2) 0.02…2.5 m​
  • Prover vessels 5…100 l with relative uncertainty (k=2) 0.1% (gravimetrically)
  • Prover vessels 50…2000 l with relative uncertainty (k=2) better than 0.2%(volumetrically)