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 Calibration Services

EMI provides calibration services mainly to Calibration and Testing laboratories and Conformity Assessment bodies. Calibration services are also offered to third parties in the public and the private sector, especially in situations where their needs are not met by other calibration laboratories in the UAE. The main objective of EMI is to provide calibrations with the lowest measurement uncertainties and with direct traceability to the national standards. Further details of calibration services and the laboratory technical capabilities are provided within the pages of the individual laboratories.

Indicative List of Calibration services

1.  Mass standards (weights)
2. Non Automatic Weighing Instruments (balances)
3. Humidity meters
4. Gas flow meters
5. Liquid flow meters
6. Volumetric glassware (flasks, cylinders, pipettes, burettes)
7. Piston operated volumetric instruments (micro-pipettes, etc...)
8. Metallic volumetric vessels
9. Density of solids and liquids
10. Force testing machines (tension-compression)
11. Force transducers (tension-compression)
12. Torque transducers (clockwise-anticlockwise)
13. Reference torque wrenches
14. Torque wrench calibration machines
15. Vacuum gauges
16. Absolute pressure transducers (oil-gas)
17. Gauge pressure transducers (oil-gas)
18. Differential pressure transducers (oil-gas)
19. Deadweight pressure testers (oil-gas)
20.Gauge block comparators
21. Gauge blocks (by comparison)
22. Gauge blocks (by interferometry)
23. Laser interferometers
24. Micrometers
25. Calipers
26. Height and depth gauges
27. Standard platinum resistance thermometers, calibrated at fixed points
28. Resistance thermometers
29. Temperature sensors with display unit
30. Liquid-in-glass thermometers
31. Temperature block calibrators
32. Climatic chambers, furnaces and baths
33. Relative humidity sensors
34. Air temperature sensors
35. DC voltage
36. DC resistance
37. DC current
38. AC voltage
39. AC current
40. Capacitance
41. Inductance
42. Oscilloscopes
43. Digital multi-meters
44. Frequency standards and sine-wave oscillators
45. Frequency counters
46. Clocks and stopwatches​