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​            Inspired by Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and the determination to place quality at the forefront of our journey towards sustainable economic growth and sustainability, the ADQF developed the insights, initiatives and actions necessary to nurture a thriving Quality Infrastructure in Abu Dhabi.

           The Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council was created to provide an enabling Quality Infrastructure for industries based in Abu Dhabi.  It convenes the ADQF every year to bring together some 800 decision-makers from Government, regulators and heads of industry as well as international and regional experts to develop the insights, initiatives and actions necessary to respond to current and emerging challenges facing Abu Dhabi’s industrial sector.​

​           The ADQF stimulated long term, definitive impact to transform Abu Dhabi into a modern, competitive economy based on quality standards that embrace excellence and innovation. It was a valuable opportunity for local and global businesses to tap into the priorities of regulators and to get a real flavor of what is next on the horizon in quality.​